Tuesday, April 26, 2011

visit at Altamont Elementary

Thank you to my new friends at Altamont Elementary for inviting me today. What a wonderful day. Go to Bed, Monster is always fun to read. The potato game always a big hit. The visit was well organized, the kids excited, the faculty engaged. I have been so lucky with my visits so far!
Thank you Kari for contacting me and leading me into your lovely library.

4 groups, 4 team pictures, 3 of them with dogs! Good thing I like dogs.

Our first dog was to ride a motorcycle, be happy, wear shorts and flip-flops and a leash (!)

The second dog was to cook potatoes, be sad (i mistakenly made the tail wag), wear chef hat, clown shoes and pajama pants.

The third dog was to wash dishes , standing on a pile of china plates, be angry about it, and wear party hat, rubber gloves, and shorts.

The K class finally broke with the motif and wanted a crocodile riding a play-jeep, and looking shocked. No wonder as he was heading straight onto a red light (that I accidently cropped upon taking the picture.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

school visit near Chicago

Tuesday was school visit day for me. In Glencoe, IL. What a fantastic visit! What a fantastic school! What a fantastic team of parents, children and faculty! Everyone was so welcoming, enthusiastic and helpful.

Thank you Lisa and Carolyn for inviting me, for organizing so beautifully and for your attention to all details. Thank you Jacob for getting up early to pick me up at my hotel and showing me into the school. Thank you Nancy the librarian for your welcome. I enjoyed eavesdropping on your class while I was signing books. Thank you to the principal for being so interested. Thank you to all the teachers and a special thank you to the art teacher who is a gem of a teacher. I loved seeing her class. (I am sorry I do not remember all the names.)

(note to Lisa's daughter: next time, I would love to see your graphic novel!)

Here are the images we came up with:

A happy koala bear eating spaghetti.
(with top hat, glass of milk, flip-flops.)
(I am sorry to say I need to review my knowledge of koala bears.)

A worried tiger ready to eat a huge potato.
(with tap dance shoes, bows, dress. side lamp.)
(Kids had eating in mind that morning.)

An excited lion dancing disco.
(with new shoes, a zebra outfit, party hat, sunglasses, and, of course, the disco ball.)

A very tired giraffe -named Sabrina- jazz dancing.
(with tank top, shorts, rose in mouth and bow tie.)
(Kids had dancing in mind too!!)